120 years of exploration

120 years of exploration

Embark on the journey on which Władysław Heinrich took Polish psychology 120 years ago

In 1903, a small laboratory, the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, was established at the Jagiellonian University. It was created by Professor Władysław Heinrich. 120 years later, we look back on this legacy to understand his contribution to the birth of modern Polish psychology.

5th National Conference on Clinical Psychology
29 - 09 - 2023
As part of the celebrations of 120 years of psychology at the Jagiellonian University, we invite you to participate in the 5th National Conference...
Invitation to scientific conference
29 - 09 - 2023
Taking the opportunity to celebrate the 120th birthday of psychology at the Jagiellonian University, we would like to invite you to a scientific conference...
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120 years of history

When, in 1900, the 62nd issue of Nature published a brief, but at the same time very sympathetic1 discussion of two German-language books by Władysław Heinrich (1869-1957), a pioneer of experimental psychology, historian of philosophy and educator, this moment can be considered the symbolic initiation of a research programme that was to be (intermittently) carried out at the Institute of Psychology over the following decades…

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As part of the inauguration of the celebrations of the 120th anniversary of psychology at the Jagiellonian University, an exhibition presenting the history and present day of psychology at the Jagiellonian University will be opened.

We invite you to visit the Institute of Psychology and the exhibition at 6 Ingardena Street in Krakow oraz and to read about the profiles of prominent scholars associated with psychology at Jagiellonian University (available HERE).

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