Maria Einhorn-Susułowska

Maria Einhorn-Susułowska (1915–1998) founded one of the first clinical psychology research centres in postwar Poland within the Faculty of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University. She ran it until the 1980s. She had very broad scientific interests. As Prof. Władysław Łosiak writes: “the humanistic character of the psychology she practised manifested itself mainly in the type of research she undertook. Among them were the problems of aging and old age, and an analysis of the experiences of concentration camp prisoners and Jews in hiding during the German occupation. (…) Alongside them, she took up the issue of survival and adaptation of oncology patients.” This research was pioneering and unique. Interestingly, Professor Einhorn-Susułowska did not have her own office. “While in the Department, she always sat in the large room where the research-and-teaching fellows gathered, which gave her the opportunity for constant and direct contact with her colleagues,” Professor Łosiak recalls.


The text by Prof. Władysław Łosiak dedicated to Prof. Einhorn-Susułowska and published in the “Golden Book of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University,” ed. J. Miklaszewska and J. Mizera, can be read on our website..


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